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Such a variety of therapeutic techniques can help virtually any patient at any age - modern medicine allows you to bring back the joy of sexual life, even when a serious strain (Peyronie's syndrome) or complete absence of the penis. The experience of "Health" network practice clinics, the success in the treatment of erectile dysfunction with the right approach is achievable in almost 100% of men. Hardware treatment of erectile dysfunction. Effective assistance in drug treatment; If erectile dysfunction is psychogenic, treatment includes counseling therapist and physical therapy techniques. Having defined the type and stage of erectile dysfunction, we can build a forecast of the success of the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Dapoxetine belongs to the group of selective inhibitors of drugs. The active ingredient Dapoxetine has proven itself in the treatment of premature ejaculation, rather increasing the time sexual intercourse 3-4 times. impotence treatment which is carried drugs. Appointed by the testimony of the doctor urologist-andrologist after the examination and delivery of analyzes; This type of product has appeared on the pharmaceutical market about ten years ago and firmly took the position. Genforce -100 Viagra was the first drug that can cause instant erections in men of any age. This discovery shocked the world as a scientist, as well as consumers. For several years, Viagra Genforce-100 has received world fame. By means of a miraculous remedy resorted many desperate men in the hope of healing. The structure means includes two main components - 100 mg Sildenafil and 60 mg Dapoxetine. This combination allows you to achieve perfect results, as active substances perfectly interact with each other. Vascular disorders, leading to impotence, revealed by modern research methods - Doppler ultrasound, modern techniques allow to determine the quantity and quality of blood supply to the penis. The drug Cenforce-100 is a two in one tool: Sildenafil improves male potency and intensifies orgasms; Dapoxetine increases the duration of sexual contact. Moreover, Cenforce-D is not just a preparation containing two active ingredients in one, and its improved combination that provides the best results! Viagra 150 mg. (CenForce-150, Delgra 150 mg.) The first stage of the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction - medical examination of sexual organs for the presence of anatomical changes. Also performed a rectal examination of the prostate, if necessary. Failures in the intimate life of the man is called impotence. However, this statement is not entirely true. To be precise, impotence - a condition in which a man is not possible to commit a sexual act under any circumstances. Fortunately, such cases do not occur too often. And for periodically or randomly appearing erectile problems there is a single term - sexual or erectile dysfunction. Symptoms of erectile dysfunction immediately apparent to any man, and in most of his cases amenable to medical treatment.

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